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    29 September 2007

    Umeå Auroralis


    Blogger roch said...

    I have just moved to Umeå, and am a fanatic about trying to catch the northern lights! I love your photos, (in all your blog) they capture colour and movment, they are vibrant and creative! Awesome... Can I ask how foar out you had to be from Umeå to see the lights and to be abel to photograph them? I too am on the outskirts but maybe I am looking in the wrong place? Any advice would be welcome! Anyway keep up the excellent photographic work.. :-) roch

    10:55 AM  
    Blogger zeafoto said...

    Hello Roch!
    Be you welcome and thank you for your kind comment.
    I think that any place outside of the city, preferably to 10 or more kilometers, it is good.
    The small towns take very capable places for trekking, where one can go away and to return with easiness.
    Very important to avoid the bonfires. They dazzle the eyes and cloudy the air, hindering to see when they are presented.
    If your to locate near the water, make sure from time to time that the lens not this misty one. And lastly, to be very lucky that it doesn't find clouds or too strong wind that it moves the camera.
    Kind regards, Niko.

    11:19 AM  
    Blogger roch said...

    thanks for your advice!!! keep taking wonderful photos!!! You have a fantasic eye for unusual detail and composition.

    hej da


    8:04 PM  

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